Ms Roxana Jimenez's AP Spanish have researched and presented topics like immigration, domestic violence in our society or how self esteem affects young people, etc.  Her students also learned more about the experience of immigrants in our community. They conducted interviews to document their experiences on why they left their countries of origin, the struggles they faced as they traveled to the US and the difficulties they encountered as they settled in a new country.

Sra. Cappiello's Spanish 4 for Heritage Speakers classes, the students investigated the pros and cons of having the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.  They wrote an open letter to the president of FIFA expressing their concerns about corruption and human rights abuses, they showed their support for the positive changes that occurred, and they made suggestions for the World Cup in 2026

Sra. Cappiello's Spanish 4 for Heritage Speakers classes the students researched the power that music can have on creating awareness about a global challenge in order to create a more just and equitable world.  As you look through these presentations, we hope you see and hear the voices of hope and change as well as the urgency to take action.  These students have something to say, and they want you to listen to issues that matter to them.  Music can inspire change and our thinking!