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Ways to participate in the Language Ambassadors program 

Language Ambassadors are students in Elementary, Middle and High school who are actively developing a world language in addition to English. They are students who, together with their families, schools and communities, recognize the value of multilingualism in our global economy and multicultural society. K-12 students can participate in the Language Ambassadors program in the following ways 

World Language Showcase 

We will conducted  the 'World Languages Showcase' on April 24th, 2024 at Soquel High School. Every year Middle and High School students have the opportunity to showcase their language skills via poetry or poster presentations. 

Home Languages Development Recognition Program

This new initiative by CDE encourages families to practice their home language and relies on parents and caregivers to certify their students' participation. Students can participate in the school wide program or families can register individually. 

Language Ambassadors Virtual Expo 

Students have submitted projects to this website every year since 2020.  This website has a collection of  performances, video presentations, pamphlets, slideshows, poem recitations, book review, games etc. Navigate through these interesting projects and get inspired!

World Languages Showcase 2024

The World Languages Showcase was held on April 13th 2023 at Harbor High School. Students from Harbor High, Soquel High, Rolling Middle School, Pacific Collegiate School and Mountain Elementary School participated at this event. The event started with the Santa Cruz Poet Laureate, Farnaz Fatemi  reciting  poetry about being bilingual in America . This was followed by students and teachers  reciting  poems in Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.  Experience the magic of these poems by  checking out the poetry section. The poetry showcase was followed by an interactive poster session wherein students got an opportunity to present and interact with their peers from other schools.  Watch  these powerful  presentations by visiting the videos/ high school section. Check out the photos from the event. 

Language Ambassadors Participation Categories