Soquel High Presentations

Ms Roxana Jimenez's AP Spanish have made presentations based on their topics of interest. They have researched topics like immigration, domestic violence in our society or how self esteem affects young people, etc.  Students gathered data and presented arguments to support their thesis with evidence from the sources they investigated.  

Her students also learned more about the experience of immigrants in our community. They conducted interviews to document their experiences on why they left their countries of origin, the struggles they faced as they traveled to the US and the difficulties they encountered as they settled in a new country.

Emma Torres - Entrevista de un Inmigrante
Lynn y Ainsley .docx
Copy of Untitled presentation
Entrevista de inmigracion (Language expo).pdf
Ensayo Final--Violencia Contra la Mujer - Google Docs.pdf
Ricky y Hector, Ensayo de Mujeres
Ensayo en el discriminacion de mujeres en educacion.pdf
Beneficios de la inmigración.pdf
Ensayo Final(Femenicidio)
Ally y Ashley - La Violencia Doméstica de Niños en los Estados Unidos y Bolivia
Entrevista - Briana Garcia.mp4
Entrevista de Inmigracion - Briana Garcia.pdf
Joely Martinez Entrevista-camino rumbo hacia Los Estados Unidos .mp4
Joely Martinez-Entrevista:El Camino Rumbo hacia Los Estados Unidos
Joely Martinez - Entrevista
Obra de Arte Analisis-Leilani Castelan
Briana Garcia - Entrevista (1).pdf