Harbor High 2022

Reading for Pleasure

This year, the focus of the Heritage Speakers 3 class was on Reading for Pleasure and sparking the joy of learning as we returned to in-person learning. When the students were polled at the beginning of the year, they said that they typically do not read for pleasure and do not have books in Spanish at home. So, Ms. Cappiello created a classroom library for them to approach reading voluntarily, and the only rule was that they had to "enjoy" the book. If they didn't like it, they could put it back and start another. Over the course of the year, students read several books. For the final project, they chose one book to write a book review for incoming students next year. Book reviews are a text type that Harbor High's IB program requires students to be familiar with before taking their IB exam their senior year. As viewers will see, for the most part, the students actually did enjoy reading in the end and they made several connections to culture, history and exciting plots! We hope these will inspire other students to find these texts in libraries and find the joy of reading for PLEASURE!

Mi reseña de un libro-2022-AE
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-BL
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-RHM
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-JCB
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-JPM
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-AG
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-SM
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-ALL
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-NMG
Mi reseña de un libro-2022-LG
Mi reseña de un libro-2022_ MOF
Mi reseña de Esperanza Renace-2022: ZJ
NEW- Mi reseña de un libro-2022-IJ

NEW - Mi reseña de un libro-2022-CDLTA

NEW - Mi reseña de un libro-2022-GPT

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-AA

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-DA

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-EM

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-JL

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-KR

NEW-Mi reseña de un libro-2022-RM

NEW-Mi reseña-2022-MO