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World Language Poetry Showcase 2023

We will conduct our second 'World Languages Poetry Showcase' on April 13th, 2023.

Please check out last years entries in the Poetry section, and get inspired by these powerful voices of today and tomorrow.

Home Languages Development Recognition Program

This new initiative by the California Department of Education encourages families to practice their home language and relies on parents and caregivers to certify their students' participation.

Language Ambassadors Virtual Expo

We have held a virtual Language Ambassadors Expo, every year since 2020 to archive the projects submitted and showcase students language skills. The virtual Expo features performances, video presentations, pamphlets, slideshows, poem recitations, book review, games etc. Navigate through these interesting projects and get inspired!

World Language Poetry Showcase and Language Ambassadors Expo 2021-22.mp4

Language Ambassadors Expo 2021-22

In a year of constant change and adaptation, we are so proud of the resilience of the Language Ambassadors community. Their enthusiasm for learning inspires us all. These entries provide a glimpse on a unique school year, where students are adjusting to an ongoing pandemic but also persevering and continuing to explore and learn every day. Enjoy Salsa dance performances from first graders, poetry from high schoolers, videos in French, Chinese and Spanish and pamphlets and videos about important world issues. This website gives us a window into of all the ways students strengthen their language learning. We will continuing to update this website with news, student activities and examples.

Living through a pandemic is very difficult for all of us, especially young adults. Schools are an important aspect, not only for their learning and growth, but also social development. Ms. Roxanna Jimenez Soquel High students and Ms. Gao's Pacific Collegiate School students have put together some very powerful content which enriches, encourages and comforts us during these tough times.

Do you love learning languages? Check out these apps and websites that make language learning fun.

Interested in listening to radio stations across the world. Check out this app that lets you listen to radio from any country. Enjoy!

Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), celebrate their diverse staff with inspirational videos on how being multilingual has shaped their lives.

Language Ambassadors Program

Who are Language Ambassadors?

Language Ambassadors are students in Elementary, Middle and High school who are actively developing a world language in addition to English. They are students who, together with their families, schools and communities, recognize the value of multilingualism in our global economy and multicultural society. Language Ambassadors connect people across languages and cultures.

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Click on the link below to see the list of Language Ambassadors recognized in 2022