Soquel High Poetry 2023

Ms.Roxana Jimenez's  AP Spanish class at SHS explores immigration, cultural identities, social injustices such as the role of women in our society. SHS students wrote poems that reflected either about how they see themselves as women or how men see women or the development of their own identities and the conflicts they encounter as they explore who they really are. These powerful messages give us a peek into their thoughts and emotions! 

Nancy - "La Mujer"
Kylie Denton - Reflexiones de un pensador excesivo.pdf
Clayton Heath Para GG
Matthew Simon - Soy Ambos
Quiero Ser Fuerte Poema-Caitlyn Hankes
Juarez-Sapone: poema final
Analysis de Poema.pdf
Untitled presentation.pdf
Savannah Hunter Copy of Poema - Las Mujeres en Mi Vida
_Eduardo Ponce - El poema recitado.pdf
Emerson Alfaro - El poema recitado.pdf
Jasmine De La Torre Camberos - El poema recitado.pdf
Poema Recitado.mp4
La Joven que floreció
Mi Vida de Nina- Olivia Castillo
My Movie 4.MOV
La vida de un mujer inmigrante.pdf
Mujer asi soy.pdf
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