Youth Voices

Ms Roxanna Jimenez's AP Spanish Language Class projects 

Soquel High School  2021- 22

The young voices of our community are stronger than ever and inspire us to listen to our own inner voice. These AP Spanish Language students have used their 'Art as a medium of protest' to voice their opinions and shed light on some very important issues. They also discuss important festivals in their community and discussed several important topics to increase our social awareness.  Ms. Roxana Jimenez's AP Spanish Language class at Soquel High  has put together some very powerful content, which enriches and encourages during these challenging times

Yaren Yañez Poema.docx

Natalie Kamalani explores how she defines her identity.

¿QUE ES MI IDENTIDAD?- Lang Expo.mp4
Reforma de Inmigración por Karla Ruiz Vega
Reforma de Inmigración Ensayo - Karla Ruiz Vega
Aime Napoles La Mujer que es Mi Madre.odt
DACA by Ariana Ibarra

Daniella Zambrano's takes us on a journey with a poem about her mother.

David Raviera writes a beautiful poem about his mother.

Diana and Alex  discuss the education of women in Mexico. 

Jehu Ramos Ojeda writes a touching poem about his mother. 

Marisol Jenkins-Sorensen Ensayo

Diego Carrillo wrote a poem o f his memories of his grandmother.

Eduardo Hernandez's poem "Gracias por Todo " is a tribute to his mother.

El Poder de una Madre.pdf

Melissa Navarro presents research on the economic impact of Mexican immigrants to the U.S.

Ensayo Sobre El Impacto de Inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos- Daniel Soriano
Equipo C: Arte de Ecuador y México

A presentation on art in Mexico and Ecuador, with a focus on muralists Diego Rivera and Oswaldo Guayasmin.

A poem in Spanish about the  important lessons and legacy of a Brazilian grandmother.

Jessica Garcia and Gianna Diaz review their pamphlet of local resources for the victims of sexual and domestic violence and abuse.

Jesus Salazar-Rivas reflects on what it means to him to respect and support women. 

Joseph Oliveira - Borrador del poema

A personal reflection on the damaging  expectations of physical beauty placed on women and the power of women in choosing to love themselves as they are.

Nick Edmonds' poem is a tribute to the women who have cared for him and taught him about strength in the face of adversity as he reflects on the gender discrimination women face.

Las mujeres en mi vida- Nick Edmonds

A presentation on a pamphlet created by Pablo Serna  for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. 

A review of two pamphlets created by Erick Isidro, one for Ventures and the other the SCCV. 

Luz Ruiz reflects her relationship with someone who has acted as a true mother for her. 


Ricardo Alcaraz recognizes his mother's strength  in his poem.

Vanessa Ramirez's expresses the inspiration she takes from her aunt in this poem.

This poem by Ramon Villareal explains expresses why this mother is the strongest and the "best". 

This poem is a reflection on how her mother demonstrates her strength as a woman.

Daniel Soriano's project examines the impact of immigration on the United States by presenting data.

Rolanfo Mayoral Peralta expresses his gratitude to his mother in his poem.

Adonay Gonzalez and Oliver Santana present information on different resources for victims of domestic violence that are available in Santa Cruz.