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Pacific Collegiate School offers students exposure to cultures other than their own that facilitates the development of a global perspective, providing a direct pathway into other modes of thought and experience and introducing students to new vocabularies. PCS World Languages Cirriculam offers students opportunity to learn French, Spanish, Latin and Chinese. Ms.Yin Gao teaches Chinese 1,2,3,4 and AP and her students are reciting poetry written by famous 11th  and 20th century poets. 

Ms. Yin Gao's  Chinese 1 students, Evan Gaylord, Jasper Hillaker, Maya Huet,  Ely Sullivan and Amber Williams present Su Shi’s water melody - 'When did the moon appear'. It was written in the year 1076.

This poem is the most famous Mid-Autumn Festival poem. The author wrote it for his brother, whom he missed dearly after not having seen him for seven years.

Ms. Yin Gao's Chinese 3 students, Garen Davis, Kayla Goodwin and Landen Isacson present Haizi's poem-' Looking out to sea, warmed by the spring air' 

This poem reflects Haizis hope for a better future and some interpret it as his final aspiration as it was one of his last compositions. 

Looking out to sea, warmed by the spring air by Dax, Elias, Bijan .mp4

Ms. Yin Gao's Chinese 3 students, Dax Robinson, Elias Cavanagh and Bijan Mozayan  present Haizi's poem-' Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossoms

This poem was written as a hope for what is to come in the near future and what they would really enjoy doing. However with the context that shortly after writing the poem the poet took their own life it seems to be a poem about how they are discontent with living and hope not for the things mentioned in the poem like warm breezes and flowers but more that that's how they imagined being dead to feel.

Ms Yin Gao's Chinese AP student, Kayla Liu is reciting "Looking out to sea, warmed by spring air" by Hai Zi.

 This poem is about reflection, and given this poem was written towards the end of Hai Zi’s life, I think the poem can be seen as either a sad or happy thing.