Videos from Soquel High School

United We Dream- Roxanna Harris (AP Spanish student) explains why this initiative is an important step for our community

United We Dream -A detailed pamphlet the largest direct immigrant community in the country by Roxanne Harris, Georgia Dent, Lucia Thomas and Adrianna Howard - A2 AP Spanish - Soquel High School

Community Bridges.docx

United we Dream- Georgia Dent explains about this initiative and its importance in our community.

Bullying - Diulce Vazquez, Jazmin Garcia, Alma Parra and Diego Soriano wrote and acted in this video about bullying in school campus. The theme of the video was inspired by a Mexican show named, “Rosa de Guadalupe”.

Here are some links:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Weapons and how to stay safe- Elise Poore (AP Spanish Student) has a detailed presentation on how kids can stay safe if they are around weapons.

FIESTA NACIONAL DE LA YERBA MATE (The National Celebration of Yerba Mate)

Adrianna Howard explains the significance of Yerba Mate to Argentina and what their customs are for their important holidays.

Live Oak Resource Center- Roberto Delgado, Esau Gamez Rivas and Marcos Escalante talk about Live Oak Community Center and how it can help the community.

Day Workers Center of Santa Cruz County - Natalia Ruiz talks about how the DWC facilitates the hiring of day workers and guarantee them dignified wages in accordance to US and CA law

Lucia Thomas gives a presentation on the Peruvian festival El Senor de Los Milagros.

Lucia Thomas - Senor de los Milagros

Causes of Deforestation by Juan Carlos Diaz

Benefits of Being Bilingual- Stanley Bien talks about the benefits of being bilingual with his creative handmade pamphlet

Teacher Appreciation by Natalia Casillas Rodriguez

DACA -Jenny Rocha, Eleanna Guerrero, Diego Soriano explain what DACA is and what the program's and dreamer' current situation is. Their goal with this activity is for people to be aware of why everyone matters in this country and that everyone's goals and dreams are valid.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon footprint by Kevin Hernandez, Lizbeth Toro and Arian Zambrano.