Community Strong!


Living through a pandemic is very difficult for all of us, especially young adults. Schools are an important aspect, not only for their learning and growth, but also social development. Ms. Cappiello's Harbor High students (SSP3 and SSP4) have put together some very powerful content, which enriches, encourages and comforts us during these tough times.

Harbor High students have made a padlet of their experiences during the first few weeks of Shelter-in-Place inspired by Jimmy Fallon's Twitter campaign #My Quarantine in 6 words." They tried to express their sentiments about the pandemic or the quarantine in 6 words and then explained why they chose those words.

Click on the links below to read Ms. Anne Cappiello's SSP4 students "Mi cuarentena en 6 palabras". They are quite powerful to read!

In solidarity with #Savewithstories (and Save the Children), Ms. Cappiello's SSP4 students wrote short stories about childhood experiences inspired by the artwork of Carmen Lomas Garza and then recorded their voices so that a younger reader or younger sibling could listen and read the story to help pass their time during quarantine. Some students even painted or drew their own picture and narrated an original story. Stories to comfort young and old. Local donations were made to Second Harvest, Grey Bears and Santa Cruz Community Health Centers for every story that was published.

Thank you Letters / Cartas de Agradecimiento to Essential Workers:

This was inspired by part 1 of Ms. Cappiello's unit on immigration and looking at the positive contributions that immigrants have on our communities, especially during COVID-19.

They researched the work of famous chef José Andrés and his work with World Central Kitchen and read a NY Times article by Alma Patty Tzalain, an agricultural worker in New York who described how she and other farm workers are putting their lives on the line in order to put food on our tables. As you will see, some students wrote to family members and Ms. Cappiello's wrote to her students.

In solidarity with Allies to End Detention, Ms. Cappiello's SSP3 classes wrote encouraging letters to the detainees held at the Otay Mesa Detention Center on the border. It is their second year participating in this collaborative act to express their opinion about the detention of immigrants and the separation of their families. These letters are meant to uplift the spirits of the detainees as they await their political asylum hearings; many of Ms. Cappiello's students have experienced this first hand, and have told their own story here, which makes this correspondence even more powerful. In these letters, you will find a profound compassion from our students at Harbor High and their commitment to fight for a more just world, especially during COVID-19.